Samy Benarroch is a self-taught, Los Angeles based artist. His style has evolved over the years through realism and portraiture to a unique approach to his work; using large scale and unexpected shapes with original composition and colors, Benarroch creates new techniques that produce three dimensional textures. 


Born in Morocco and raised in Israel, Benarroch landed in Los Angeles forty years ago and draws inspiration from the ever-evolving cultural landscape of the city. He is captivated by Los Angeles's light. His art feeds on the city’s texture and colors and the freedom the city gives artists to experiment. The expansive size and textures of his work are inspired by the openness of Los Angeles and the cacophony of humanity that resides within it.  Benarroch has worked in fashion, photography, design, architecture and construction, all of which influence his tactile style. 


Whether painting or sculpture, Benarroch’s style is clear in his objets d’art. The color and texture evoke life and movement, and echo the paradoxical discord and symbiosis of modern life.